Meet the two ‘Democrats’ who could end up working with Trump

At first glance the prospect of President-elect Trump having Democrats in his cabinet and other executive positions is positive and re-assuring, given the most recent confirmed appointments which have been partisan and loyal to the alt-right which supported Trump from the outset.

But the two Democrats most likely to gain positions from Trump appear to be, in some cases, attempting to out-right the alt-right.

The first being prominent Milwaukee Sheriff David A. Clarke, a hardline conservative, who recently speculated the Black Lives Matter movement was working alongside the Islamic State and called for “pitchforks and torches” if Trump were to lose the Presidency, has held his current position since 2002. Known for his right-wing stances and described as “right of most righties”, it is often speculated Sheriff Clarke only runs on a Democratic ticket to hold his position in the almost all Democrat city of Milwaukee, Wisconsin. He has run since 2002, each time receiving diminished majorities, and most recently was unopposed by the Republican Party.
The website “5 fast facts you need to know” about Sheriff Clarke:

1 | Clarke told [CNN host Don] Lemon he predicted the Baton Rouge shootings, is a critic of Black Lives Matter and has spoken of a second American revolution.

2| Clarke filmed PSAs urging citizens to arm themselves and is a strident critic of President Obama and Radical Islam.

3| Clarke is married to a realtor and was Milwaukee police detective for years.

4| Clarke praises Donald Trump and is a supporter of [Republican Wisconsin Governor] Scott Walker.

5| Clarke is the elected Sheriff of Milwaukee County, runs as a Democrat and is frequently seen in public on a horse and wearing a cowboy hat.

Second, Trump has asked retired United States Army lieutenant general Michael T. Flynn to serve as National Security Adviser. The registered Democrat who, like Sheriff Clarke, spoke at the Republican convention is a Republican in all but name.  Flynn cites his unwavering party loyalty to his “very strong Democratic family”, speculatively down to his Irish Catholic roots – a demographic that is traditionally strongly Democratic.

Like his potential new boss Donald Trump, Flynn is inconsistent when it comes to his views on the subject of abortion. During a July interview with the ABC, Flynn declared “women have to be able to choose”, before switching his opinion to the exact opposite when interviewed by the right-leaning Fox News network the following day, describing himself as a “pro-life Democrat”.

He endorsed Donald Trump during the campaign and advocated for the Democratic candidate for President, Hillary Clinton, to be jailed.

– Bennett Morgan, Capital HardTalk

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