First poll under PM English: Govt confidence drops sharply


The first major opinion poll since Bill English assumed the position of Prime Minister has been released, and whilst the National Party has dropped moderately, confidence in the government has taken a bigger hit.

The poll was conducted by the Roy Morgan agency in the wake of former Prime Minister John Key’s resignation.

Labour, the big losers in the previous poll plumbing new depths at 23.0%, have been the main beneficiary rising 5.5 points to 28.5% – still below its ratings in the Reid Research poll earlier in the year.

National have fallen back to 45.0%, with all its support partners losing ground with the Maori Party down to 0.5%, ACT is also on 0.5% and United Future registers 0.0%. New Zealand First would be the kingmakers if this poll is correct; they’re on 7.5%.

The Greens, Labour’s primary support partner, register a strong 14.5% in this poll taking the Labour/Green bloc just shy of National’s support at 43.0%.

Among parties outside parliament, the Conservatives and the Internet Party both register 0.5% support.
As the political year ends it remains unclear whether National will continue trending down with no other agencies publishing poll results yet.

Perhaps most damning for Bill English, government confidence fell whopping 10 points this month, down to 131.0.

GOVERNMENT: 46.0% (-6.0)
OPPOSITION: 50.5% (+5.0)

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