Capital HardTalk is a free-to-air political talk show currently hosted on Wellington Access Radio 783am, bringing local, national and global politics with perspective and focus on youth.

Capital HardTalk started out on Hi-Fi fm, the Wellington High School student run radio, since 2016 it has moved to Access Radio, the home of community radio in the Wellington region. The Crew initially consisted of Jack and Bennett and producer Scott, in early 2016 Capital HardTalk welcomed on Taran, who moved from regular guest to full-time host. Capital HardTalk has undergone content and cosmetic changes over its two year runtime, beginning as “Eleven Sharp” before adopting the new name, and moving from an hour every two weeks to a regular weekly spot on Access Radio.

In 2016 Capital HardTalk did regular segments on the Wellington Local Body and Mayoralty elections, over the course of the election Candidates from all over the political spectrum were interviewed including the new mayor Justin Lester, you can find the complete collection of mayoral interviews here.

You can tune in to Capital HardTalk every Saturday at 4pm on Access Radio or on 783am. We also podcast everything, all of which can be found here.