Meet Bennett

12198090531909861341man-silhouette-svg-hiBennett is the in-studio Local and New Zealand politics expert, he helped found Capital HardTalk back in 2015 and continues to appear on the show bringing local and national politics updates.

Bennett is also a political blogger at Insiders New Zealand, he also a first year student at Victoria University of Wellington studying Public Policy. Bennett has been involved in local politics and was closely involved with the 2016 Mayoral and Council elections, in the studio he led the charge interviewing prospective council and mayoral candidates and giving updates on the state of the race. Bennett is always active on social media and is up to date with News From all over New Zealand. Bennett will be taking the lead for the 2017 New Zealand General election. As one of the founders of Capital HardTalk he was crucial in securing the new studio space at Access Radio and getting candidates for interviews.