Meet Jack

12198090531909861341man-silhouette-svg-hiJack is a host and in studio American politics expert for Capital HardTalk.

Jack is a first year student at Victoria University of Wellington studying Science and Commerce, majoring in International Relations, Public Policy and Geography. Jack first joined the Capital HardTalk team back in high school and continues to appear on the show every week. When Jack isn’t hosting Capital HardTalk you can probably find him doing something to do with debating, he is the Treasurer-elect of the Debating Society of Victoria University and has competed on a national and international level for the society.

Jack’s area of expertise is the United States, and has taken the lead when it came to the 2016 Democratic and Republican primaries and the general election. Jack also has expertise in local politics in the Wellington Region, Jack is a member of the Wellington City Youth Council, where he has been a member since 2014. Jacks primary role there is to help guide the councils decisions and policy platform to reflect the views and concerns of the youth of Wellington.