Meet Scott

12198090531909861341man-silhouette-svg-hiScott is the producer of Capital HardTalk, you won’t hear his voice very often but he is the mind that keeps the Capital HardTalk machine functioning. Scott is a student at Victoria University of Wellington studying Science and Biomedical Science, he joined the Capital HardTalk team back in high school and has worked as the in-studio producer since then.

As you can probably guess from his degree choice Scott has a passion for the sciences and is by far the most technologically apt of the HardTalk team. Back in 2015 Scott worked to keep the show running despite the technological limitations of a High School radio booth and has made full use of the increased legroom provided by the studio at Access Radio, opening up the possibility to have phone interviews and multimedia content. Although Scott isn’t as political as the rest of the Capital HardTalk crew he is the only one who knows what all the little knobs on the control panels do.