Meet Taran

12198090531909861341man-silhouette-svg-hiTaran is the newest edition to the Capital HardTalk team, he joined in 2016 when increased airtime and studio space warranted more in-depth coverage than the existing crew could provide.

Taran is a first year student studying Law and International Relations at Victoria University of Wellington, but before that he was at high school with Scott, Bennett and Jack, even though he was never a part of the crew during that time. At Victoria Taran is involved in Debating and has served on executive council in 2015 as First year representative and now as general executive. Taran is knowledgable about politics from almost every corner of the world but has a particular interest in Europe, Taran is currently the in-studio Europe expert, giving us weekly updates on the latest events, in 2016 he covered the United Kingdom’s referenda on exiting the European  Union. Taran joined the HardTalk crew as a guest host in 2016 but quickly secured the role of permanent host to fit in with the more regular broadcasting schedule of Capital HardTalk when it moved to Access Radio in 2016. Taran’s in depth trivia and political knowledge brings flavour to the HardTalk team.