State of the race #9: Out with the older, in with the newer

The week was dominated by the news of the resignation of a senior Labour MP, the rise of Jacinda Ardern, and Bill English’s controversial comments surrounding drugs. But it all started with the Mount Albert by-election, so let’s begin there.

State of the race #8: More electorate deals and Making Rivers Safe Again

The first major televised opinion poll of the year provided mixed reading for both parties. While National had overall taken a sizable hit since the shock resignation of John Key, Bill English had a stellar start in the preferred Prime Minister ratings, easily besting Winston Peters and Andrew Little.

State of the race #7: Dunne deal to seal Ohariu

The last week has been, quite unlike the last, largely absent of notable election news. The Port Hills fires have hit pause on campaigning overall, with the government being tested over its response to a serious disaster.

State of the race #6: Jackson distracts, government gets on with the job

Another eventful week has left the Labour Party squabbling over the fastrack appointment of a controversial broadcaster and the government showing streaks of liberalism with respect to the cannabis law.

State of the race #5: Trump enters debate

The President’s so-called “Muslim Ban” wasn’t just centre-stage in the United States this past week – it shaped most New Zealand political debate too, with Prime Minister Bill English labeling the whole affair “frustrating”

State of the race #4: 2016 out, election year in

As the political year draws to a close, for our last State Of The Race update before election year, it’s time to look back on the year that was.

State of the race #3: English tested, and Labour’s ‘talented 19’

The race for the country’s top jobs are beginning to take shape, and with one by-election to go before the big game, the parties are beginning to be tested in a manner of ways. For Bill English, the big test comes with performing and presenting before the media – the less gaffes and the more memorable, likable soundbites the better.

First poll under PM English: Govt confidence drops sharply

The first major opinion poll since Bill English assumed the position of Prime Minister has been released, and whilst the National Party has dropped moderately, confidence in the government has taken a bigger hit.

State of the race #2 – English v Little

Last week on state of the race we looked at the three potential Prime Ministers, following the resignation of John Key as National Party leader.

[Editorial] Looking Back at Key’s Tenure – Stable, but Unambitious

As the PM leaves office, Capital Hardtalk reflects upon John Key’s eight years in government.

[Opinion] NZ’s John Major? Why The Left Should Be Wary of Bill English 

John Key’s resignation would have been bittersweet for the left.

Cameron Slater falls out with National Party as Collins crushed

Prominent right-wing blogger and long-time supporter of John Key Cameron Slater has ditched his support for National – and he hasn’t left quietly.

State of the race week 1: Game on.

In a week no one predicted, Labour leader Andrew Little will be facing a new leader of the National Party and a new Prime Minister at next year’s general election.

[Opinion] Michael Wood: What Can We See From Labour’s Newest MP?

It was a night of absolute euphoria for the left when Michael Wood won Mt Roskill. As Andrew and Michael entered the tennis club, tremendous cheers of ‘Woody!’ filled the room. The party knew he had won and that he had won big.

Prospective Nat MP: Trump was ‘anointed by God’

Prospective National MP Misa Fia Turner says Donald Trump was ‘anointed by God’ and same sex marriage is immoral, and contradicts religious teaching, according to posts on her social media profile.

Race for Wellington Central heats up

As the year draws to a close, believe it or not it’s almost time to for politicians to once again bang up the hoardings, get out the doorknocking clipboards and call you up on the phone. Yes, it’s another election year for New Zealand in 2017.

[Opinion] The Mt Roskill By-Election in a Nutshell

With the people of Mt Roskill set to go the polls within a couple weeks, the campaign could be described as vigorous. A crucial battleground before next year, we’ve seen National and Labour duking it out for the soul of the electorate with no shortage of controversy or passion.

The Conservative Party is back… with a late endorsement for Trump?

The Conservative Party, founded by millionaire Auckland-based businessman Colin Craig has made a surprise return to the New Zealand political-sphere, issuing a foray of new newsletters, updates and press releases. All the new pieces are penned by Simon Gutschlag, a member of the governing board of the party that has assumed the leadership since Colin Craig’s exit in 2015…