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Europe Dispatch – 3rd March 2017

Two by-elections in Britain, a new political party threatens the government’s re-election in Italy, and slow progress for LGBT rights in Slovenia.

Europe Dispatch — 24th February 2017

The Commons debates President Trump’s planned state visit, French presidential candidates take their campaigning overseas, and chaos in Italy’s governing party.

Europe Dispatch – 17th February 2017

A new President in Germany, the Brexit Bill enters the House of Lords, Europe’s possible newest country, and more stories from this week in Europe.

Meet Martin Schulz, Germany’s (Possible) Next Chancellor 

At the helm of the centre-left SPD, the veteran Brussels politician looks to give Angela Merkel her toughest election battle yet.

Australia’s newest political party 

Amid global trends to alternative right-wing, anti-immigration political movements, Australia has answered the call and proved it won’t be an exception.

Opinion: Still Australia’s greatest shame

On my most recent trip to Australia I observed the election campaign in the division of Chisholm, an ethnically diverse electorate southeast of the Melbourne city centre.

Baird bails on New South Wales

As one Sydney Morning Herald reader put it this morning; “Mike Baird appears to be a fundamentally decent man who found it difficult to compromise his principals”

As year ends, Trudeau’s lead over opponents collapses 

After a series of gaffes, unpopular decisions and a new perception that the government is out-of-touch, Prime Minister Justin Trudeau of Canada has recorded his lowest approval rating since taking office, findings by Forum Research suggest.

Trump Watch 9th December: More Cabinet appointees, and the end of the Michigan recount.

Last week we looked at Donald Trump’s nominees for the cabinet that will serve him for the next four years, for the positions as of then, check out last week’s Trump watch. Here’s who has been added over the last week.

Inside AirForce One: A look at the U.S. President’s signature plane.

Not long ago, Donald Trump tweeted “Boeing is building a brand new 747 Air Force One for future presidents, but costs are out of control, more than $4 billion. Cancel order!” sparking a fierce debate about the Presidential plane of the United States

With a Green President, Austria’s Election Saga Finally Ends

In a year defined by the resurgence of right-wing populism, Austrian voters bucked the trend by electing independent and former Green leader Alexander Van der Bellen – twice.

Trump Watch 2nd December: Stein Calls for recount, Trump fills his Cabinet.

Every week we look at the goings on in the world of the now President Elect Donald Trump.

Castro’s Legacy Remains Controversial 57 Years After Revolution

Celebrated as an anti-imperialist liberator and vilified as a brutal and repressive dictator, the world is divided in its response to Fidel Castro’s death.

Meet the two ‘Democrats’ who could end up working with Trump

At first glance the prospect of President-elect Trump having Democrats in his cabinet and other executive positions is positive and re-assuring, given the most recent confirmed appointments which have been partisan and loyal to the alt-right which supported Trump from the outset…

Democrats must listen to the rust belt

The election night result returned possibly the most difficult result to handle for the Democratic Party and many progressives in living memory; the comparable equivalence of swallowing a pineapple whole… (By Bennett Morgan)

Democrats are on an Unprecedented Winning Streak — So Why Do They Keep Losing?

In the last 24 years, there have been seven presidential elections. Of those seven, only once has the Republican candidate beaten the Democrat in the popular vote: President Bush’s re-election in 2004. This six-out-of-seven run is an unprecedented record of success for a political party in the popular vote, the nearest competitor being the Republicans winning five-out-of-six from 1860 to 1880, and additionally holding the White House in all six elections… (By Taran Molloy)

[Opinion] Wrong Message and Wrong Nominee; Why the Democrats Lost.

Wednesday 9th was quite hectic for me. Unexpectedly called into work, I was stuck between serving customers and watching the results from my phone as I spoke to my friends in Iowa and California on Facebook, panicking about the results… (By Liam Bateman)